Friday, 21 May 2010

The Dream And Christina Milian to divorce? (Kat Stacks laugh)

According to various publications, Christina Milian, formerly of Island Def Jam and The Dream, currently of "10 Reasons Why You Should Sign A Pre-Nup When Marrying Someone Less Succesful Than Yourself" are having marital problems and are on the brink of divorce.

"insert smart ass comment here".
This story is funny for two reasons:
1. Who really gives a flying damn.
2. If this is true, then Christina and her mami just made bank.

Christina has a habit of seeing producers and "collaborating" with them. Anyone remember Dre of Cool and Dre.

Then after getting dropped by Senor Carter after that album that sold less copies than Wendy Williams could sell female hormones, she got with The Dream. Honestly, whether she loves(d) him or not, you'd have to be Chris Brown not to realize that her relationship with him has financial benefits.

3LW - "You Ain't Ready"
Ashanti - "Medicine"
B2K - "Everything"
- "Still in Love"
- "Missin' You"
- "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)"
- "Smash Into You"
Boss - "Butterfly Effect"
Billy Crawford - "Bright Lights Big City"
Brit and Alex
- "Beautiful"
- "Heart Breaker"
- "Preachin' to the Choir"
- "Thats My Baby"
Britney Spears - "Me Against the Music" (feat. Madonna)
Brooke Valentine - "Ghetto Superstarz"
Celine Dion - "Skies of L.A."
Chris Brown - "You"
- "Ciara To The Stage"
- "High Price"
- "Like A Surgeon"
- "Keep Dancing" (feat. The-Dream)
- "Lover's Thing" (feat. The-Dream)
Dear Jayne
- "Talkin' 'Bout Himself"
- "I Loose Everything"
Diddy - "Change"
J. Holiday
- "Bed"
- "Laa Laa"
- "Suffocate"
Jamie Foxx
- "Just Like Me (feat. T.I.)"
- "Slow"
- "Rainman"
- "Why"
- "Digital Girl (feat. Kanye West)"
Janet Jackson - "Greatest X"
Jennifer Lopez - "Louboutins"
Jesse McCartney -"Leavin"
Justin Bieber
- "One Time"
- "Baby" (feat. Ludacris)
Karina Pasian - "16 @ War"
Lindsay Lohan
- "Washing My Hands"
- "Problem Solver (Call Me)"
- "I Need Love"
Lucy Walsh
- "Forever Since"
- "So Uncool"
Mario - "Crazy Kind of Love"
Mariah Carey
- "Touch My Body"
- "Touch My Body (remix)" (feat. The-Dream)
- "Betcha Gon' Know (The Prologue)"
- "Obsessed"
- "H.A.T.E. U"
- "Candy Bling"
- "Ribbon"
- "Standing O"
- "Inseparable"
- "It's A Wrap"
- "Up Out My Face"
- "More Than Just Friends"
- "The Impossible"
- "Angels Cry"
- "Languishing (Interlude)"
- "They Don't Know Me (Unreleased)"
- "I Need Things"
Mary J. Blige
- "Grown Woman" (feat. Ludacris)
- "Just Fine"
- "Feel Like a Woman"
- "Shake Down" (feat. Usher)
- "Roses"
- "Come to Me (Peace)"
- "Nowhere Fast"
- "Mirror" (feat. Eve)
- "Kitchen"
Mýa - "Like Crazy"
Nicole Scherzinger - "Powers Out" (feat. Sting)
- "Complicated"
- "I Can't Mess with You"
- "Indian Dance"
- "Let It Go"
- "Okay" (feat. Lil Jon & YoungBloodZ)
- "Red Cup" (feat. The-Dream)
- "Watch It"
Raheem DeVaughn - "Customer"
- "Breakin' Dishes"
- "Lemme Get That"
- "Sell Me Candy"
- "Umbrella"
- "Hatin' On The Club"
- "Hard" (feat. Young Jeezy)
- "Rockstar 101" (feat. Slash)
Shawn Desman
- "No More"
- "Man in Me"
- "Ooh"
Steph Jones - "La La Means Love"
Sterling Simms - "All I Need"
Sugababes - "Gotta Be You"
- "Moving Mountains"
- "This Ain't Sex"
- "Trading Places"
Yung Joc - "Coffee Shop" (feat. Gorilla Zoe)

I'll assume you know how publishing works.
So if they are divorcing, then Christina and her mother, you remember her right? That overbearing excuse for a mom-ager who was convinced her daughter was the second coming of Paula Abdul, are going to make money in less than two years than they did when Christina was at the height (sighs) of her career (shits).
I really thought The Dream was smarter than this, I mean really- with d-list celebrities divorcing quicker than Alicia can drop her panties for a married man you would everyone would be extra cautious.
Evidently not.

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